Where to download historical stock price without any code skills

Nov 2, 2020


The purpose of this blog is to make life easier with a list of the main sites where to download the historical data.

Dukascopy group

Dukascopy group is a bank that also offers the possibility to trade in the financial market. As it is shown in the figure below there is a section to download historical data.

There are several instruments: forex, commodities, CFD, ETF and crypto.
For each dataset it is possible to choose the tick (second, minute, hour, day, week and month), the date range, the volume units, and filter flats.
The possibility to filter all flats in the price is a very nice thing.

Image obtain from https://www.dukascopy.com (october 2020)


Also in this case there are several stocks that can be downloaded. However the date range is more limited, you can chose only daily, hourly or 5 minutes data.

Image obtain from https://stooq.com/db/h/ (october 2020)

Yahoo finance

My last chosen is yahoo finance, although it is probably the most famous site for financial data. Here the sampling rate is: daily, weekly and monthly.

Image obtain from https://finance.yahoo.com (october 2020)

In the next article I will write how to get data using python code. Stay tuned.



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